Hiring a Resume & Forgeting the Candidate


By Okello Okello

It is a common phenomena in hiring process to see a manager or a human resource’s person hire resume instead of employing the candidate. This article is a guide on hiring etiquette, what to look for and what not to focus on. If followed keenly, hiring can result in productive operations in any company.

Administration and Organization: Most managers do not focus on potential employers’ ability to meet tight deadlines and schedules alongside multi tasking capabilities.  A track record of consistently committing and delivering comes handy in hiring a performing employee.

Group Skills: No man is an island therefore looking for ability to work with other people is an asset when it comes to hiring. Strong team skills and understanding of crowd as well as carrying out task in solitude is very important but again respecting other people’s personality is needed, that is, one who knows how to handle introverts and extroverts in a business setting.

Decision-making  and Problem-solving: By presenting a realistic job-related problems to a candidate, you can know how they think, reason, and how they solve puzzles that might arise in a work place. It is handy to get examples of similar problems they’ve handled, and how they were solved. It is important to follow how cogent their arguments are and how they closely tie to question in question.

Personality: As much as it is important to focus on the resume, it is advisable to go for the personality, how the candidate responds to questions, gestures, facial expressions and how confident they are and feel about themselves and their future job. Personally as a president of an organization, my first challenge to people I interview is to ask them if they are smart. A lot of people find it intimidating, they lose their confidence, and push themselves in a defense corner. Whoever handles that question tactfully and falls in all the categories pointed above stands a high chance of getting the job.

Aptitude and Technicality: Always be on the look for an exceptional worker, a quick learner, problem solver, an influential person who understands technology and holds impeccable communication skills. Ask your potential employee  how he reaches into conclusions when solving a dilemma and how long it can take him to get to the solution.

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