Stop Reading Books! Write One!


By Okello Okello

As a leader and an entrepreneur, think of those who saw themselves as academics and scholars. They were judged by the content of their essays and magnum opus. Some of them expressed arrogance of the highest caliber, some of them had fine and well thought of ideas, some of them wrote responses that were well articulated but all in all what they shared in common was;  they all shared their thoughts freely.

Malthus is crowned for his essay “the principle of population,” Rene Descartes, father of Modern Philosophy is well known for his writing “Meditations on First Philosophy,” Baruch Spinoza with his book “Magnum Opus, Ethica,” Plato for his writing “Republic,”  Jorhn Maynard Kaynes, the father of modern economics for his work “General Theory of Employment,”  Machiavelli for his work  “The Prince” and of cause the writer of this piece for his book “Duo-Contemplation Leadership.” Great leaders or people with revolutionary thoughts always share them out either orally or through writings. As an entrepreneur, a pen and a paper should be your best friend.

Take at least two hours a week meditating. Through meditation, you can develop new ideas, you leave your physical world and get into your inner soul. That is what meditation is all about. This is when you think of the unthinkable, imagine the unimaginable, visualize the invisible. Entrepreneurship radicalizes opinions that go beyond obeying the status-quo. The more people read your book, the more a cult-like following you are developing. As an entrepreneur and a leader, people should hold you at heart, these are your die-hard fans who can defend you in your presence or absentia.

Writing is also another way of communicating, educating, marketing, and sharing your thoughts with the world. You might have great of all the greatest ideas but if you do not share them with anybody then they are the most useless things you own. I once was confronted by a rapper who asked me what it takes to be great in music industry and I asked him how many songs he had written. He told me that he had more than 15 songs. My next question was, how do you share your music with your audience and he told me that he keeps his music on his phone. Really? Maybe he wanted people to listen to them through diffusion from his phones to their ears. Why are people afraid of sharing their thoughts?

Remember that the more criticisms you get, the better you become in whatever you are doing. Share your thoughts with people, write, ask questions, comment on other peoples works. Who knows maybe you are the next Plato or Descartes.

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