Think Differently

A leader is anyone who believes deep down in their hearts that they are destined to do great things. For why think if you have nothing better to think about? Society has made us understand and agree with numbers. This is not to challenge statistics because statistics is one of the true ways of understanding our world until it is doctored then it fails to accomplish its mission.

All along, I have been highly against big numbers, I like listening to both parties and pay attention to the underdogs. It always raises my conscience when multitudes are for an idea. Why would I not want to think differently? It is easy to get trapped in the torrents of mass following and get swept away by the kinetic energy of numbers. But sometimes numbers are not enough.

God blessed us with minds so that we can think. Everyone has an obligation to think and we can chose to use our minds or fail to not use it. The decision is yours. One thing I do not like is conforming with the norms of a society. Only if people can ask “why?” then we can make the world a better place to be in.

How many times have we been lied to by politicians and we still endorse them for more than one term in office? This is just one evidence of humanity has refused to use our minds. Companies reason for us and we respond by flocking in their stores shopping for those things we think are good for us yet we fail to ask “why?”

A leader is one who sees things differently and questions the normal practices in our daily lives. Entrepreneurs fail to ask themselves “why” and that is where everybody goes wrong. Why would I start a new business? Why come up with a new idea yet the world seems to be moving well with all the ideas that are helping shape it at the current time? Above all, why think?

We always drum the support of change yet we fail to understand why we need change. We generate new business ideas and we fail to ask why we need new business ideas. One of the problems that our leaders have lied to us about is democracy. Democracy is the practice of crazy demons. All we need is theocracy which is the crazy theology and that is what I am offering here. My gospel is; if you have brain, then you have no reason not to think.

One of the reason why I like challenging the status quo is to understand how many people governed by rules and laws of this world understand what those laws are. People become successful because they fail to abide by rules or simply ignore them. As a leader, you should ask yourself why you are not challenging the status quo and again do not just challenge the status quo because you want to cause trouble. You are blessed with a brain to use wisely not to waste your thoughts on things that add no value in people’s lives.  Feel free to think, it is not a sin.

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