How to Fight Fear


By Josh Okello

The biggest challenge that most entrepreneurs and other leaders go through is fear. Fear is a dragon, it can consume you in no time, it is scary, and looks like a giant. It can kill you before your time, It can hinder you from success despite the potentials you have of blowing the completion out of the water. Fear always comes in two forms; the fear of success and the fear of failure. The former can be worst and devastating while the latter is equally as bad and can hinder you from freely expressing your potentials. The question we need to ask ourselves is “how do we slay this dragon?” It does not matter what form of fear it is, what is important is growing out of it which can be achieved by doing the following.

Avoid Cynics

Some people and surprisingly a lot of them, will forever doubt your potentials. What you need to do is to repel them with facts and works. They are not worth your time so why pay attention to them. They will reduce you to a tiny particle and blow you away like dust.

One thing you need to know is that you are already in motion. You are reading this article because you are a snow ball rolling down from a mountain, ready to cause an avalanche.  Sweep away the skeptics before they wipe you out. They will show you how much you do not know, how weak you are how uneducated you are and how useless your efforts are. Never believe them. Believe in yourself and understand that we all have our own weaknesses. The fact that you have a mindset of running your own business puts you in a better position to succeed in life because you are a thinker. Soon enough, you will be hiring your doubters to work for you. It is just a matter of time. Never give up.

Do Not Let Age Deter You

This mostly affects young ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs. People will rule you our because of your age but they fail to consider what you have between your ears. It does not matter whether you are tall, short, skinny, big, young or old. If you can reason well, use logic appropriately and see ahead, then nobody should stand on your way. Never listen to people talking behind your back. They were not meant to be in front so let them stay right there at the back. After all, you lead, others follow.

Know the Dragon

You cannot fight the war you do not know. Each and every one of us have their own dragons to slay. As I have mentioned in a number of my literatures that failure is the only thing guaranteed in this world. We should not fear failure because it does not need any effort to fail. It is the only easiest thing to achieve in life.  Know your fears and build a plan to overcome them. Courage becomes a strong weapon to fight your dragon.

Be Strong and Very Courageous

Courage does not mean you do not fear anything. It simply means you have your weaknesses and fears but you take a bold step to face them. We were born once, we live once and die once so why not be adventurous and try to be courageous. After all we do not want to be trampled upon by every single challenge we meet on our way. Go out there and try doing new things. Success favors risk takers so if you cannot take the risk to use the weapons you hold in hand to slay the dragon in front of you, you will live a miserable life until you get in your grave. Why live in regrets if you had the opportunities to try. Trying is always better than not trying.

Act Out in Faith

Do it big, we do not have time to act small. When you are going to a war, prepare to conquer kingdoms, set captive your opponents and above all act in faith. Believe that with God you can do everything. We are blessed with wisdom and God’s protection and love. Just believe that you can do it and when you do, do it real big.

© Joshua Okello 2014.

Joshua Okello is a B.A graduate in Business Administration, International Development and Philosophy. He is also the author of the book Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership He has exceptional skills in organizing, coordinating projects and capacity building initiatives with key emphasis on livelihood programs; microfinance through savings and credit led models; business development services and entrepreneurial leadership. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Succeed Africa Relief Organization, a Canadian Christian Organization geared towards giving hope and transformation in lives of the chronically poor in Africa.

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