How to Succeed Infinitely



By Joshua.

There are infinite amount of wealth to be gained in this world just as there are infinite amount of success one can get. Of all the words a true leader should be obsessed with, is infinity.

It is also wise to understand that to get to infinity, it requires infinite amount of work. To win infinite success requires infinite resilience and to gain infinite wealth requires infinite plan.

It is also wise to mention that the fact that you are going for infinite wealth does not mean that you can comfortably be greedy. To be self-centered displays your lack of ethics, so never even think of being one.

The fact that you are going for infinite wealth does not mean that you stop being good. “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?” (Matthew 16:26). We have to be careful on how we use the infinite power and wealth that we get. Now to get on the road of infinity success one ought to:

Have Succinct Mind

To be a winner, you must have the mindset of a winner and to get to infinite success one must have the infinite mindset. You should remember that dreams are just but illusions of mind. They are beautiful pictures painted in our thoughts and hanged on the wall called memory. We can always see them from a distance but we can never reach them. We can admire the beauty and grandeur they possess but those are only food for our minds.

They satisfy our inner feelings and psychological accomplishments yet they do not have any meaning.

Be a Worker Bee

There are so many types of bees; the queen, the special males whose work is mating with the queen then they die, there are the guards who protect the hive but of all these my favorite are the worker bee.

Worker bees believe that everything is possible. They understand that team work is important but synergy can only be reached when each member of the team does his part. They can go miles and miles to look for water, travel for distance to collect nectar and also offer security when needed. They understand that nothing can be achieved without hard work. They believe that they can make infinite honey and that is what they think and do every day.

Even though they work extremely hard, they also have to ensure quality of the final product is good. Of all manufactures on earth, bees have the greatest quality control department and that can be found on the taste of the honey we get. They never recall their products. They are made once and for all and it is guaranteed to meet the standards.

Get Some Rest

To take a break does not mean you have lost focus. It means that you are ready to re-energize and get back at it. All work without play made Jack a dull boy. Work hard, play hard and win big. Understand the infinity rule and play it safe. Rest but never get too comfortable while resting. You might lose the vision of infinity.

© Joshua Okello 2014.

Joshua Okello is a B.A graduate in Business Administration, International Development and Philosophy. He is also the author of the book Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership He has exceptional skills in organizing, coordinating projects and capacity building initiatives with key emphasis on livelihood programs; microfinance through savings and credit led models; business development services and entrepreneurial leadership. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Succeed Africa Relief Organization, a Canadian Christian Organization geared towards giving hope and transformation in lives of the chronically poor in Africa.

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