How to Get Twitter Followers Who Interact with Your Content


By Josh Okello

If you are an entrepreneur, a leader or a socio-preneur, you probably have thought of having a higher twitter followers than you follow. But, is it okay to have a lot of twitter followers? Maybe and maybe not. The worst part is to buy twitter following. Never do it and here are the reasons why.


You are on social media to grow your business, to network and to increase traffic to your website. So why have thousands of people following you who are not interested in your content? How many followers do you have who do not even speak or understand the language you tweet in or the language you use in your website? You are in social media to network not for empty bravado on followers that do not even relate to your content.

Organic Growth

I actively started growing my social media followers and influence two years ago. Today, I am having just over 86,000 followers. Take your time and be persistent in building your social media network. I spare about 45 minutes – 1 hour everyday developing content, working on my blog/website and growing my social media. I have done this for two years and that has made me who I am on the list of social media influencers in North America.

I have done my research, gathered samples and crunched the numbers for you and at present, the response from those you follow daily is 30%. So if you follow 1,000 people every day, you should expect 300 people following you back on a regular week day. Weekend and holidays, the numbers drop to 15% or less. Therefore, make it a daily habit to develop your social media organically. Never buy followers because you are not lying to the public but you are cheating yourself.


If you are going to be a social media net-worker, you have to be ready to teach and to be taught. Deactivate those robotic texts. They are so annoying and tell your followers how fake (for a lack of a better word) you are. Do you think your followers are worth those rude automated texts? No, please!

Solve a Problem

What do you have to offer to your followers? Do you expect them to just follow you without rewarding them? What is it that is so special in you that your followers cannot get in all 300 million people on twitter? Be ready and willing to give before you get. There is still a lot of room in this world to education therefore teach the world something new and positive.

I would like to hear your thoughts. How do you grow your social media? What did I say wrong? Do you agree or disagree with me? How can we help people get what they really need from social media? Comment below.

© Joshua Okello 2015.

 Joshua Okello is a B.A graduate in Business Administration, International Development and Philosophy. He is also the author of the book Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership He has exceptional skills in organizing, coordinating projects and capacity building initiatives with key emphasis on livelihood programs; microfinance through savings and credit led models; business development services and entrepreneurial leadership. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Succeed Africa Relief Organization, a Canadian Christian Organization geared towards giving hope and transformation in lives of the chronically poor in Africa.

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