When You Can’t Go No More #leadership #success

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it.” –Jonathan Winters

By Guest Blogger Scott Rowsick,

Every morning we get up with the best intentions. The vast majority of us are good people, smart people—ambitious and well-meaning. We have our sights set on something amazing. We intend to reach that destination and work towards it diligently. But life has a way of stepping in and nudging us off-course. It’s not overnight, but through the course of a few average weeks, or well-below average days, it can feel like you’re toast. This is for those moments, when you look into the mirror and ask if it’s all worth it—whatever it may be for you—on the journey to living your destiny.

Remember Your Why

The most important thing you can do in times of desperation is to remember your why.  Your why is the reason you’re bootstrapped and out there hitting the phones or the front lines.  It’s the reason you’re coming in early, staying late, and eating lunch at your desk.  It’s the part of your work that touches your soul, because it helps you feel complete—like you’re truly fulfilling a destiny.  Many of us do it for freedom—to be beholden only to ourselves. Many more do it for the financial windfall we think will come in time, which will allow us to do so much with and for our families. Still more of us do it because it allows us to do something we love doing, every single day. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing, and the rest will become much more easily.

Remember Your Anti-Why

We’ve all heard the story about the frog who jumps into boiling water. That frog quickly jumps out. But the frog who jumps into lukewarm water stays as the water warms steadily, and subsequently burns to death.  It can feel sometimes in business that you’re that second frog, slowly burning as the heat is turned-up.  In these times, it’s important to remember the alternatives.  Your whys pulled at you, while your anti-whys pushed you to start. Was it working 9-5 in the soulless cubicle? Not knowing if you were going to have evenings or weekends off? The company culture being vastly different from what you were told? Remember that your business is what you make it, and you’ll pull through a tough stretch.

Remember There’s No Destination

If you’re not satisfied with your business because you’re not quite “there”, you’ll always be unhappy about your business. Exxon, Walmart, Berkshire Hathaway—these enormous companies, they’ve all got goals. They aren’t there. Do yourself a favor and realize that the journey is the destination. You’re out there, in the world, making things happen for yourself and your employees, and providing value for your customers.

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