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By Josh Okello

On June 4th 2015, I blogged on Starting a Successful Business from Scratch and the number of visits on that post caught my attention. Over twenty five people have also directly messaged me asking me how to start a business successfully mostly on twitter and through my direct email and website subscription. For this reason, I have put together an entrepreneurship coaching session to those who would like to start a business and or grow their businesses after a plateau. The great news is, you got everything you need to start a successful business and my role be to motivate you and help you generate new ideas that could propel your business as well as your personal life.

Why You Need to Consider this Opportunity


One of the experiences I am bringing on the table is failure. A lot of people do not like to freely talk about their failures but we are human beings and not all that we do are successful. We learn more when we fail than when we succeed. Let my failures be wisdom to you on how to be successful in life and in business.


My academic background is in Business Administration, International Development and Philosophy. I have also written three books on entrepreneurship of which two are coming out this year. My first book can be found here Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership . With a goal of weaving together the fabrics of philosophy, business and development, I have gained more experience through writing, meditations, meetings, networking and the results are all in my three books.


I have started over 7 businesses, sold 1, currently running one and the rest have failed. I understand the ups and downs of starting a business and those are the same things that I write about. My failures, successes and the paths that led me to those results.

No Fee

Make use of your first 1 hour free of charge to check if this Bootstrapping program is fit for you. Ask yourself this: what if the world was only waiting for your idea to be better? Join us starting this Friday and claim your free one hour session with me. You can book your appointment through this email: or through twitter @joshokello.  I only have a spot for 5 people. I wish I could take more and sorry if you will not make it. Best of luck entrepreneurs.

If you will not make it in our top five list, please feel free to send me your questions on Leadership and Entrepreneurship and I will be happy to help you where I can.

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