The Post that Inspired Millions to Success #leadership #success


By Josh Okello.

Born in Kenya, Africa, a country that has widely been known as an island of peace. If you ever go to Kenya, try and take a safari in any of the national parks to see the beauty and grandeur of God’s work but mostly how wild animals co-exist. Amazing! That is the reason why I wrote this blog. This post is for those who feel like they cannot take another step. All their energy is gone and hope has lost its meaning to them.  Those whose walls are tumbling down and their last resort are more skewed towards loosing hope. Those who have given it all they can but the enemy (failure) is closing the gap faster than they can beat. Is this you? Is that all you got? Worried of when you can see the next beam of light? Is there such a thing as hope?

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Every animal in the wild understands that speed is the only thing that can keep them alive. No matter how desperate they are, how badly they are wounded by their prey, how weak they cannot go any more, how exhausted they are and how fatigued they are, their life depends solely on one thing; the next big leap they can take away from their enemy.

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That is the desperation that sets heroes from losers, the successful and unsuccessful, the mega achievers and non-mega achievers. The thirst for success!  A Victory that only goes to those who are desperate enough to try all it takes to be where their dreams wants them to be.

No matter what their body condition is like, no matter the negative criticisms they get, no matter the disappointments and pain they go through, their focus in only on one thing. And that is Success.

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Perseverance in pain is their only choice to greatness. They choose to ignore negativity and cloth themselves with positive mindset that whatever the world throws at them, they will fight back to shape their own destiny. So, are you in? Are you ready to take another leap to success in faith? Are you ready to act now?

© Joshua Okello 2015.

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