6 Easy Steps to Becoming an Influencer #Leadership #Success


By Josh Okello

An inlfuencer is a person with a capacity and power to be a compelling force that results in a positive change in other people’s lives. A lot of people wish to change their status on social media from regular users to influencers. Good news is that it is possible. Bad news is that not so many people are dedicated to achieving this. So are you an influencer or the influenced?

Before I share with you how to become an influencer, let me show you the reasons and benefits of being an influencer;

  1. Respect

People will respect you more if you are a voice defending or fighting for a particular group of people. Sharing your ideas freely will create more opportunities for you to impact humanity and the entire world. But remember, respect is a two way traffic, you have to give it to get it back.

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  1. Clout

The more followers you have the more the interactions you get. Never just have followers have real people following you. I see a lot of people who buy social media following and do not care if they are counterfeit accounts or not. My question to them is, why even bother have fake masses following you if they do not interact with your content? The best those fake accounts can do to you is spam your inbox. Best of luck buying fake accounts!

You should also understand that there is a big difference between accounts with 1,500 followers from those with over 100,000 followers. People will pay more attention to those with mammoth following than those with a few hundred followers.

  1. Opinion head

People will crown you an influencer depending on the number of your followers and how they interact with your content. Pay more attention to that last sentence. Statistics never lie so be honest with your numbers. Interact with your followers and appreciate them every single day. They are the ones who make you the opinion head.

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Now this is how you can become an influencer:

Curve Your Own Niche

Ask yourself these questions: Who are your audience? What message do you target them with? What do you want them to gain from you not what do you want to gain from them? Why should they listen to you? Are you talking sense or nonsense? Can people learn from you?

Be Consistent

This is probably the most difficult part on your way to being an influencer. It is really hard to stay consistent in world where news come from side to side and we want to share them. We want to please people so much to appoint where we forget what is important and what is not. Pick one topic and share all the knowledge you have in that field. Do not share about love today, soccer tomorrow, the day after you share about health.  My blog and twitter is about leadership and entrepreneurship. All those tie together and no matter what else is happening in the world, I choose not to share them because my followers like consistency and they want to know that I value their time.

Build a Fan Base

There is no shortcut to building your fan base. It takes time, energy, compassion, dedication and love. If people are willing to follow you, please never waste their time. Let them get more of you beyond their satisfaction. Follow other people and people will follow you back.

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Create a Platform

Who are you going for and where are they? My platforms are; Twitter, LinkedIn and my blog joshokello.com that is it. Find a platform where you can meet people and people can meet you.

Create Free Stuff

If God has blessed you with wisdom, be ready to give it free of charge. There is a bible verse that says, blessed is the hand that giveth than the hand that taketh. Always remember that wisdom shared is a treasure saved.

On my platforms, I give free entrepreneurship coaching every Friday to first 5 people to sign up and we talk about starting and growing businesses. Give and it shall come back to you.

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Be Human

We are not perfect, we make mistakes, we socialize, we ask questions, we respond back, we say no, we accept criticisms, we improve. Be human, and avoid overly depending on robots. Look at it this way, your followers need you, they do not need a robot.

© Joshua Okello 2015.

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