My Top 5 Lessons I Have Learned as a Leader #Leadership #Success

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By Josh Okello

There is a difference between heading a group of people and being a leader. I am not the perfect definition of either because often times I fall short on qualities that make one a leader therefore I can only strive to be the best I can be and hopefully lead with wisdom. In my time as a leader, I have learned these five great lessons:

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Laugh at Your Mistakes

To laugh at your mistakes means that you are ready to let go, learn from them and that you are not held back by bitter memories. Looking back on your gaffe and understanding that it is part of a journey means that you consider them unintentional acts and that you value moving on and never ready to repeat the same. Above all, I learned that mistakes are not a standard of judgement but steps to understanding ones own might on the way to transform lives to the better.

Be Responsible

All victories are celebrated by many but failures are experienced by only those who fail. In all the results either good or bad, be ready to be responsible especially when things do not go the right way. It is upon you as a leader to restructure a way out and make things better. People tend to believe those who are responsible enough to openly admit a defeat and work towards correcting their wrongs.

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Be Considerate

Whether you are dealing with performers or non performers, remember that they all human beings. You do not want to shred other people’s image in public or demean them in anyway. Respect gains respect back therefore be understanding to people. There is no greater mistake that can never be solved through dialogue. If people are not doing the right thing, consider privately discussing it with them. Protect other people’s image just as you would protect yours. Care Just a Little Bit More.

Inspire Greatness

A leader is a person who understands that success is a team work. Inspire people to be the best they can be and if possible, be more than they can be. This sometimes take a tweak in language on how you communicate with people. Let people know that they are appreciated as part of a team. Encourage, coach, teach and let people know that they can achieve anything they set their mind on. Remember to reward all including those who do not do great, they will feel appreciated.

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Be Humble

In my 3rd book coming out early next year, I discuss a lot what it means to be humble and the benefits of practising it. The world appreciates and crowns the humble. Be disciplined in everything you do and get rid of those characteristics that can paint you as an arrogant and a heartless leader.


© Joshua Okello 2015.


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