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Business Concepts

By Josh Okello

Some of the common questions I get online include: How do you start a business? How do you grow one? How do one become influential? How do you grow your social media? How do I sell my products? How do I innovate? How do I become creative? How do I become wealthy? How do I build a stable finance? Have you asked yourself any of these questions? And have you wanted help without knowing where to get it from? I am now taking one person per day who is committed enough to transform his or her life and we will walk through how to build a brand that lasts by answering the questions above.

If you are in social media, you most definitely have received direct messages telling you how someone received 10,000 followers per day. What I always do is check their profile and 90% of people who send such messages have less than 500 followers. It makes me wonder if I am terrible at basic arithmetic or we are foolish enough to not use our logic to know what is right and wrong.

I am not promising you any numbers that I do not have. I have over 100,000 followers that are organically built and that is what I can share with you. I cannot promise you a way of reaching a million followers yet I am not there yet. Are you interested in building your social media following and turning your followers to customers? Then come let us reason together.

Book appointment with me today by directly messaging me on twitter or through my website contact form and I will be glad to listen to your request and plan an hour that best works for you. I will be sharing how I change my follower to customers, how I sell my books online, and how you can start a brand that grows. Do you want to change your life? Do you want to grow and make yourself better? Sign up and share with us your dream and we will figure out a way out together.

© Joshua Okello 2015.

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