4 Ways to Become the Best You Can Ever Be #Leadership #Success

View Yourself

By Josh Okello

Back when I was a child, my parents used to ask me what I wanted to be. Of cause my answers changed over time and the older I grew the more I clarified what I wanted to be. Are you still struggling to achieve your dreams? Are you held up in an unproductive cocoon? And how do you burst that burble? Do you get trepidant when you think of who you want to be? How about knowing the way? Do you often express strong aversion to personal servile procrastination out of habitual imprecision? Get a tentative solution to the challenges above using the following significant points:

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There is a difference between having a vision and being clear in that vision. Clarity will help you communicate with people on your way to attaining your dreams. Clear communication and clear vision simplifies the odious task that lies in front of you as you work on becoming who you want to be. If you are clear on your vision and values, you will be clear on how to get there.  Plan ahead sometimes even as far as a decade and walk your way back.

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Set Objectives

Forget goals and work with objectives. What are objectives? Objectives are specific results that a person or a system wants to attain at a specific period of time. Goals are useless but if you tie them to a given period of time then they become things you must work on. That is when they change to objectives. Time is of essence and you must relate all you do to how long it takes to accomplish otherwise it becomes a chance if a task is done.

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Form a Personal SI Unit

An SI Unit is a Système International d’Unités, (French) or International System of Units (English). This would be a personal form of metric system that is coherent to your success. How do you measure success or achievement? Is it by the whole project? Or it is the total amount of work done per hour? Whatever is that you are using, try and incorporate the effect of time in it.

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Develop Success Habits

What are some of your habitual practices that draw you closer to your dream than ever? These habits need to be cultivated in our day to day life. They need to define us and they can extend to practices such as  planning, persistence, determination, hard work, improvement, clarity, setting daily objectives etc. The end goal is to be the best you can ever be therefore start today and record your achievement using your standard metric of success.

© Joshua Okello 2015.


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