These 3 Paragraphs Will Reveal to You How Great You Are #Success #Leadership


By Josh Okello

We are not here for mediocrity; we are here to take over. To be the greatest we can ever be, to push the boundaries that have never been pushed. To imagine the impossible and to implement the undoable. That is the spirit of a fighter. For how can we come this far to lose? Are we children of a lesser God?

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Just as they think you have given it all, that is when you give it even more. We are the heroes, the champions that deleted the word “defeat” in the dictionary. We are not ready to let circumstances push us into defence. We are the attackers, the methodical offence players who are not ready to yield to any negative thoughts.

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Instead of paying attention to our snooze button every day, we listen to our conscious minds telling us that greatness comes at a cost. It is a pain, a sacrifice and that heroes are built for tough times. Do you think you are out of gas? Too weak to stand? Or even defend yourself? Remember! The greatest are made for moments like that. You are a hero, aren’t you? Did you come this far to lose? Fight On!

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© Joshua Okello 2015.

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