Do these 3 Things & You Will be a Big Thinker


Think Big

By Josh Okello

You might be reading this because you are either;  in business and you are stuck in a vicious circle with less growth or no growth at all. Or even your family in deep financial crisis. Or because you simply want to grow and become a better person in life or even get to another level of your career.  Whatever the reason why you clicked this link, know that there is always a room for improvement. Ask yourself this, what is it that I want to think big about? And what is it that I want to change with my big thoughts? Write your answers down and I say I again, write them down then do these three things.

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Create a Norm

You already know that you are not in the game alone. You have competitors, others prefer to call them enemies but I prefer to call them points of strength. Your competitors do things their way but what exactly is your way? How do you run your operations, in other words what is your modus operandi?  Once you build a norm then you will figure out what works and what does not by engaging with the results.

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Have Matrix

What is your matrix of life and how do you manipulate it according to your particular rules? This is the part where you need to add numbers to your thinking. I know we are all not wired numerically but backing up your performance with figures will boost your thinking especially in terms of growth. If you want to think big in terms of finances, how about doing a simple budget with your small amount of income you have? If it is on serving then how about budgeting with your time, plotting where you want to be at what time?

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Be Ready to Serve

Sometimes we know how greatly blessed we are by serving the least in our communities. It is good to always think of those things we do not have but then it only makes us forget about the big things we already have. Giving out your time to serve with the needy or the less fortunate can be an eye opener towards a big dream. Ever thought of solving a major problem like homelessness? That can only come true if you know that there are homeless people out there and that there is a need to be met.

So to think big, make sure you create a norm or a modus operandi, have a matrix and a rule on how to plot your figures and be ready to serve.

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© Joshua Okello 2015.

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