Two Success Questions You Always Get Wrong #leadership #success #motivation



By Josh Okello

Have you ever wondered why things are slow on your side? Working so hard but limited success or no success at all? Have you asked yourself why you see no growth in your endeavours? What could be wrong? This post is going to answer this question for you in a question form. Can a question answer a question?

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To be successful, it is important to ask the right questions and answer the right ones. Not every question needs an answer. Often times we spend our time answering wrong questions that never lead us to success. Why? Because they are easy, no-brainer and they push us in a comfort zone leading to mediocre performance.

The two questions that always get people confused are: “What can you do?” And “What can you do the best?” Most people rush into answering the first question and ignore the second question. Every successful athlete knows that they can do it all but they chose to master only one skill. This is because they want to be the greatest in what they do.

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I know you have asked yourself what you can do. Right now, I challenge you to take action and ask yourself what you can be the greatest at. Life is not all about doing everything, but doing only those things in small bits that makes you the greatest you can ever be.

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After answering the question “what can you be the greatest at?” it is now time to draft a plan on how to be the greatest. If it is writing, start now! If it is jogging, start now! If it is coding, start now! And if it is designing, start it now.

What can you do? Or what can you be the greatest at? Which one is more appealing to you?


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