5 Ways to Boost Your Success Rate in 2016 #Leadership #Success


By Josh Okello,

The reason why people fail to succeed is because they get too reluctant implementing the goals they’ve set. This is because success always come dressed in work clothes instead of something adventurous and fun. This is how you can make 2016 a successful year for you.

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Maximum Objectives

Never set more than 5 goals to achieve in one year. Anything past 5 always become a chore or a to do list. It makes objectives boring and work less fan. If possible have only 3 goals and make sure you give them your best.


To be successful, sometimes you have to swim with the currents. Things will not go your way and in some instances you will be forced to abandon your objectives in order to achieve them. One thing you need to remember is to never lose focus on what is important. Be faithful to your set objectives and execute them with unrelenting pursuit.

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Time Management

A wise man once made an alarm clock and a lazy man found a way to introduce a snooze button. The lazy man’s clock sold out. We try to be too comfortable when pursuing our goals yet we are not staying faithful to our objectives.

We are the first people to give a reason on how busy we are to appoint where we cut communication with friends, family and sometimes even our customers. But where do we really spend our time? Are they on worthless destructions that we intentionally choose to entertain in our daily lives? What if we were to spend one our per day writing or reading or even calling our customers? We will have spent 365 hours in a year doing something that builds us. But do we save that time for something productive? You can answer that.

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Build alliances

In 2014 I made sure that I paid attention to people who would help me further my dreams and the results were obvious. These teams pushed me to wake up early in the morning, go for meetings that I wanted to ignore, write on topics that I knew were good but did not choose to write on. This accountability alliances redesigned and pushed me to be the greatest I have ever been. Find a team that is dedicated enough to pursue success.

Expand Your Horizon

I dislike not getting things I want because I do not know how to make them. There are two ideas that can help you do whatever you dream of: 1- finds people who already know how to do it and let them do the work for you or 2- spare some time and learn it. After mastering the technique then make it yourself. The second option has worked for me especially in programming.

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I always wanted to know and understand coding I realized that wishful thoughts never make a dream come true. So I sat down and started coding, using free resources online, working with programming gurus until now that I can do a bit more using PHP language. If you thirst for it so bad, you will hunt for it desperately until you get it.

Do not stand on your way to success. Let 2016 be a breakthrough year for you. Wishing you a prosperous New Year.

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