This is What is Missing in Your Success Equation

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By Josh Okello

We all have been in a place where we want to live a life of significance, a purposeful life marked with elusive drive to succeed. But how can we design a life we love? How do we use our objectives to take us there?

We’ve talked a lot lately about setting objectives. Objectives are good — great even! But when it comes to leading a life of significance, they’re just the first step. But we cannot master the art of setting objectives without our own defined philosophies.

3D Book Design

That’s why I’m so pleased to share my new book, Entrepreneurship Philosophia, with you! It’s a powerful foundation for making sure that the objectives you set add up to the life you want. It will guide you on how to design your own philosophy to success. Do you have a philosophy? Has that philosophy led you to a life of significance?

You can either intentionally pursue a life of significance or you can unintentionally drift into the nonsignificant. This book brilliantly teaches how to do the former while avoiding the latter. Get it, read it and live it.

Order now at

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