This is How You Can Win $50 Visa Gift Card This Weekend Only (26-02-2016 to 28-02-2016)


Laws of Success Book Cover         Visa Gift Card

I am giving away $50 Visa Gift Card THIS WEEKEND. You want to win? Yes it is a $50 value visa gift card that can be used anywhere in the world and someone reading this post is going to win it. Will it be you? Here are the details:

In order for my books to become an official “Bestseller” on Amazon platform, I need to have real customers with real sales and real testimonials posted on the amazon website. What is surprising is that it doesn’t take a million orders to become the best seller. By my estimation, if just 50 people buy my latest book “Natural Laws of Success” (at just US $0.99) this weekend, it will probably top the list of leadership and entrepreneurship category. Will you help me?

What is a better way to motivate you to help me so you and a few other readers will buy the book at only $0.99 then just write a nice testimonial and if you like it please rate it 5 stars!Visa Gift Card

I don’t know if only two people will do this favour for me or 100 people but the odds of you winning a $50.00 visa gift card are better than the lottery.  Probably 1 out of 15… that’s great odds!

THIS WEEKEND I am going to take all the testimonials directly from the Amazon book page, then I am going to put them into a jar and I am going to randomly pull out the winner of the $50.00 gift card.

Then I am going to have the $50.00 gift card shipped to your home no matter what country you live in… just for buying a $0.99 and writing a nice testimonial.

Remember, if you don’t win, you still get to own and read a really great book on Natural Laws of Success which you probably want to own anyway at only $0.99. And after this promotion, I will raise the price back to retail.

Laws of Success Book Cover   I know I am being very greedy by asking you to spend an entire $0.99. You could just write a testimonial on amazon, even if you don’t own the book, but there is logic behind my request…

Book buyers are given more credibility than non-book buyers. If you write a testimonial on a book that you don’t own, Amazon doesn’t think it is very credible, but if you actually buy it with your Amazon account, they think it is highly, highly credible and put your testimonial higher on the page.  This helps new people discover and believe that “Natural Laws of Success” is a great leadership book.

Click Here to Get to the Book

Please buy it and post your testimonial this Weekend so I can enter you into the draw

Then take a screen shot of your receipt after purchasing the book and send it to

Thank you and God bless you.

Joshua Okello

Author of:

 Entrepreneurship Philosophia,

Natural Laws of Success

Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership.

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