How to Make Extra Money this Summer #Leadership #Entrepreneurship #Finance

By Josh Okello

Summer is around the corner but how will you spend your time? I understand it is a fun season but what if you were to trade your time with some cash? Instead of thinking how many parties you are going to attend this summer, how about thinking how many portfolios will you run? How many streams of cash flows will you have? And how much will you make while party people enjoy their hard earned money? What if they spend it on a service you offer? There are so many ways to be financially stable this summer and here is a list on what you can do to boost your financial status.

Start a Cake Business

We all love cake, either for breakfast, parties, weddings, or even as a dessert. So how about baking for those who do not like to bake? Good thing with this business is that you do not need special equipment if you already have an oven at home. Go online and find a recipe that you think is great, test it first to ensure that it gives you quality products. Design flyers on your computer or even on your Android phone and print them. Distribute them to your neighbours and make sure you let them know that you do door-to-door delivery. Market your business to your church friends, Facebook friends, school and family. Start marketing in the spring so by early summer you can have a few people taking orders already.

Art Business

 IMG_20151220_010954Most people are gifted and are very good with crafts. If you can draw, paint, write, make baskets, stitching, then summer is your time to visit your bank smiling. I personally write and draw. On the left is a sample of one of my arts. Visit galleries and ask them to host a few of your works. Sell on kijiji, Etsy or Amazon and use social media to leverage your marketing cost. Just take a picture of your work and send it to all your social media following. Everybody loves art so sell, sell, sell!

Write a Book

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People want to know what kind of information you have. That is why writing has been divided into genres. Are you a poet, or a fiction writer? What are you good at? Write about it! If you like food, write about food, write recipes, or even a book about restaurants that you visited and what you ate there. People want to know and that is why your book will sell. When, writing, do not write for money, write from your heart with intentions to share knowledge. I personally write on business, leadership and philosophy. Click this Link to Find my Books at highly reduced prices. Make sure that your books are well edited and professionally done. You can find amazing editors for $5.00 only on Fivver so make use of such sites to offer people a quality product.

Offer a service 

What are you good at and how can you give back to the society? Your community needs your expertise. Can you coach/tutor math, science, soccer, hockey, basketball? Start a club and share your ideas with people and people will always support you when you are going to benefit the community.

Are you good in business or leadership? How about coaching business leaders in your town? Every business has a struggle they are going through so to offer a solution to them can be a good way of putting your knowledge at work.

Start a Car Detailing Business

Car detailing is a thorough cleaning of the car with an aim of bringing its quality to a show room standard. This means cleaning both interior and exterior of the car. Learn a few tips online on how to do it and once you have brushes, detergents, wax, clothes and water, then you are set to start your own detailing business. Just make sure you do not take more orders than you can handle. I will recommend taking a maximum of two cars per day. If you do door to door then it saves you the cost of water and you do not have to worry about drainage since most homes today have good drainage system for waste water. Here is a link that can help you learn how to do car detailing.  Car Detailing Lessons.

Design Cards

Are you tech savvy? Can you manipulate photos or even hand-make them? Design party cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, love cards, thank you cards, engagement cards, Christmas cards and sell them.

Garage Sale

We all have junks that we want to get rid of. For some reason we do not know why those old clothes and picture frames are in our closet. You remember those prom shoes you wore many moons ago? How about those hand bags that are making your room a museum? Look at those books and novels on your shelf. What will I find if I visit your storage room, your garage? Will you be happy to show me what you got? Well maybe it is time to make a few bucks out of those wealth we do not want to get rid of yet they do not add any value to us.

So what is your plan? Did I forget any other idea? Please comment and share it down here. We all want to help and grow one another. Plan your summer now.

© Joshua Okello 2016.

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