6 Important Lessons You Need to Learn From Muhammed Ali #success #leadership

Muhammad Ali

By Josh Okello

If you are reading this in 2016, you should count yourself super lucky to have lived at the same time as the world’s greatest man! Muhammad Ali touched so many lives and can be listed in the list of icons such as Nelson Mandela. But his life story could mean absolutely nothing to us if we have nothing to glean from it. So what can we learn from the legendary king of the cage?

 Live Your Life

A lot of us spend time living other people’s lives. Yes we know you want to be the next great icon you have in your life but don’t forget that you can be the greatest in the world without impersonating someone else.

Speak it Out

You definitely heard about his famous quote, “I am the world’s greatest!” while some might consider this cocky, arrogant and rude, he made people believe in him as the world’s greatest and not only in boxing but across all culture. Say what you want to be and let people hold you accountable to it. Some of the greatest people who have spoken their minds include heroes like Elon Musk – “I never give up!” Obama – “Yes we can!” among others.”

 Care to Care

Are you caring enough to care about what other people are going through? Muhammad Ali once said that “if people can love each other the same way they love me, then the world would be a better place.” never love people because they are on their prime time but love them because we belong to a tribe called humanity. Love all, care for all and be compassionate.

Find a Point of Entry

If you think Muhammad Ali was only the greatest athlete who ever lived, then you are wrong. He actually used boxing as a platform to be who he was. Ali was a voice of the people, he was a culture changer, a beckon of hope, an inspiration to millions of people. He negotiated and mediated peace across the world. Find your point of entry and build that platform then do more than what you are known for.

Elon Musk started with Pay-Pal, moved to Tesla, Space-X and now a great promoter of natural clean energy. What is your entry point?

Learn to Control People

By this I do not mean domineering and dictatorial kind of control, but figure out how to position yourself as a leader in everything you do. Ali learned how to control people even when his back was against the ring. A lot of mixed martial artists know that when you are in the middle of the ring/cage and your opponents back is against or facing the ring then you are the one controlling the game. This strategy has been widely used by judges who score the fights in Mixed Martial Arts. Ali was so good that he did not need to be on the middle of the ring to control his opponent.

Something else that he did successfully was to get in people’s minds. He really knew how to set minds captive and obey him. This is a strategy that you need to build to be the greatest.

 Develop Unrelenting Character

Saying it is not enough, you have to do it and once you start doing it then you will learn the challenges involved.

Never give up! Keep on going on until it is done then keep doing more!

RIP the world’s greatest!


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