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Have you ever asked yourself “what makes a winner?” Would you like to be a winner? Some people say it is hard work, some say it is smart work, some say it is quitting your job and starting your own business while others say it is luck. This book is a result of meeting 365 successful leaders in 365 days, asked them what makes one a winner, summarized their stories in one book and found out that they all have a philosophy. This book will give you 35 tested and true ideas on how to build your philosophy to succeed.

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Natural Laws of Success


Natural Laws of Success is a group of set principles, philosophies, ethics and morals based on experimental observations and describe some aspects of success in relation to their causation. Natural Laws of Success is a book that weaves together the fabric of good philosophy, ethics and wisdom that can flourish any organization. It contains true and tested credo that are intelligently crafted to correct, teach, educate, empower, advice, encourage, challenge and boost morale of those who feel that they cannot get where their dreams can take them.

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Book Cover


This book was written through interviews, online research, books, magazines, focus groups, articles, leadership and entrepreneurial experiences. Join me in embracing an exciting new philosophy of entrepreneurial leadership and discover how to prepare for challenges that come with the position in question.

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How to be a Prolific Writer


This  is a guide to writing more than three books in one year. It will give you ideas on how to plan, format, draft thesis for your chapters and how to market your book.

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“Leadership has become a cooperative, continuously evolving function where a group of individuals bring their expertise together in pursuit of a shared vision and goals. Developing, engaging and encouraging effective team work is essential in todays business environment. Joshua Okello’s contribution to the understanding of how we can inspire  team members to contribute their skills, knowledge and experience to accomplish  as a whole what no individual can accomplish alone is a must read” ~ Elizabeth Stincelli, DM

“Conventionally most authors first books are normally autobiographies but Joshua Okello is unique. The book Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership should be introduced into the education curriculum as a guide for business and/or leadership students.” ~ Ferdinand Ogumah.

“Reading Joshua Okello’s Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership is like meeting a beautiful mind. It’s brimming with big insights that help aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders gain the practical learning they’re sure to treasure as they travel the road to success.” ~ Marga Dela Cruz, Data Analysis & Visualization Consultant. 

One thought on “Books

  1. I was first struck by the brilliant cover of,“ Entrepreneurship Philosophia” and how well it portrays not only the book but Joshua Okello himself. Like the hand reaching out holding up the systems of the world, Joshua offers himself and his knowledge to come underneath others to build them up. He is confident and powerful yet his strength it is always used for humanity, never against it. One doesn’t often think of business and love in the same thought yet it is clear that within the makings of Joshua and his writing the two can’t be separated, as the title suggests, love proceeds everything he does.

    Each chapter is broken down in bite size morsels making it easy to chew and digest. His use of wisdom and language caused me to pause often to ensure I gleaned every nugget. One minute he makes a bold unavoidable statement of truth only to follow it up with a melodic metaphor that strokes any ruffled feathers from the previous statement. Like a father giving a strong word of correction only to come in for a comforting hug.

    While reading, I found myself taking long looks inside and at my choices. His passion for life and changing the world for the better sparked a greater desire within me to rise to the fullness of my own potential. Joshua’s words are weighty and they carry influence and raw wisdom. The principals he outlines will startle some because they are so boldly spoken, others will receive personal affirmation while others will yet find themselves standing in a road of decision, compelled to choose what they believe about life and business, who they are and how they want to live and perform their role as a leader.

    This is a book about achieving mega success and if willing, it may redefine your personal definition of success. Joshua covers everything from business structure, use of time, finding business mentors and the right business team to the great importance of taking risks. Every page is layered with wisdom from his experience that will pertain to every aspect of the readers life. One only has to decide just how deeply they will allow the jewels of Joshua’s Philosophia to penetrate. Weather a longtime business person or a beginner entrepreneur, all will find something that will cause them to grow.

    Sally Kaye

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