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Business Concepts

By Josh Okello

Some of the common questions I get online include: How do you start a business? How do you grow one? How do one become influential? How do you grow your social media? How do I sell my products? How do I innovate? How do I become creative? How do I become wealthy? How do I build a stable finance? Have you asked yourself any of these questions? And have you wanted help without knowing where to get it from? I am now taking one person per day who is committed enough to transform his or her life and we will walk through how to build a brand that lasts by answering the questions above.

If you are in social media, you most definitely have received direct messages telling you how someone received 10,000 followers per day. What I always do is check their profile and 90% of people who send such messages have less than 500 followers. It makes me wonder if I am terrible at basic arithmetic or we are foolish enough to not use our logic to know what is right and wrong.

I am not promising you any numbers that I do not have. I have over 100,000 followers that are organically built and that is what I can share with you. I cannot promise you a way of reaching a million followers yet I am not there yet. Are you interested in building your social media following and turning your followers to customers? Then come let us reason together.

Book appointment with me today by directly messaging me on twitter or through my website contact form and I will be glad to listen to your request and plan an hour that best works for you. I will be sharing how I change my follower to customers, how I sell my books online, and how you can start a brand that grows. Do you want to change your life? Do you want to grow and make yourself better? Sign up and share with us your dream and we will figure out a way out together.

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6 Easy Practices to Be the Smartest Thinker #leadership #Success


By Josh Okello

To be on this page, reading this post, you must have wanted to be that smartest guy in the room at some point. The smartest cookie in the jar, not a-know-it-all type of guy who bores people to death with baseless facts but that guy who talk sense. To think smart, you do not have to have the highest IQ. You can have an average IQ and people will still flock to you for ideas and answers. Follow these simple practices to think smart:

Read a Lot

To know and to think smart, you have to be an avid reader. Those people you admire when you are hanging out with them did one thing that you can also do; they traded their time to know what they know today. Read whatever is readable, know whatever is teachable, and teach whatever is knowable.

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Smart Positioning

How do you position yourself when you are with friends or in a crowd? Those who stay at the center always tend to have all eyes on them. Take the middle seat, or the front seat where people can only sit facing you. This is a power move and is very common in political meetings when presidents or country heads meet. Who will the camera be pointing at and whose table are the microphones set? Position yourself at the center of the meeting.

Say Less than Necessary

You probably did not expect this because you expected to dominate with your oratory skills. Guess what, you are acting as the meeting chairman and you want to listen to other people’s opinions. That is why you positioned yourself smartly so people can talk as if they are responding and reporting to you. Show that you are in control and contribute only on those topics you have in-depth understanding of.

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Ask Questions

When you ask questions, you automatically send people in defensive mode and they will be responding in reaction to your questions therefore you are playing the offense. You are acting as an attack dog that bites and stay behind letting other dogs kill the prey.

When asking questions, you must ask deep questions, not just how have you been, where did you buy your shirt? A question like, we are going to go round the table and tell each other what we are most excited about this month. You are going to put people on the spot and the more off guard you find them the more they pledge allegiance to you. This is called quantum of proof where each and every one has to defend their ideas on why they are excited this month.

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Play Sudoku

Surprisingly, this game of numbers is found to boost IQ of those who play it. It is a game of logic, sometimes it involves trial and error through deep reasoning and that is what makes you smart. If you can think in terms of numbers or play puzzles that need logic to solve then you stand a chance of being crowned the smartest cookie in the house. Build your mind strength every day.

Think of the Impossible

You are probably going insane by asking yourself, how can a person think of what no one can think about? There are so many impossible things that people can think about but nobody does. Just the other day I was in the airport and wondering why air planes do not reverse. They must be pushed or pulled by a vehicle yet they are huge and powerful and can fly. At first I thought they do not have reverse gear but guess what, they do. After a few minutes of research, I found out that the safest way to back up a plane is by pushing/pulling it away since pilots cannot see far to the tail and because airports are always busy. In extreme conditions, air planes can back up by applying breaks on one side of the wheels and raving the engine on the same side. This will cause the air plane to move in a spinning motion then you do the same on the other side of the engine but it is not easy on the engines. Think beyond what you can think of.

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My Top 5 Lessons I Have Learned as a Leader #Leadership #Success

learn lead keys

By Josh Okello

There is a difference between heading a group of people and being a leader. I am not the perfect definition of either because often times I fall short on qualities that make one a leader therefore I can only strive to be the best I can be and hopefully lead with wisdom. In my time as a leader, I have learned these five great lessons:

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Laugh at Your Mistakes

To laugh at your mistakes means that you are ready to let go, learn from them and that you are not held back by bitter memories. Looking back on your gaffe and understanding that it is part of a journey means that you consider them unintentional acts and that you value moving on and never ready to repeat the same. Above all, I learned that mistakes are not a standard of judgement but steps to understanding ones own might on the way to transform lives to the better.

Be Responsible

All victories are celebrated by many but failures are experienced by only those who fail. In all the results either good or bad, be ready to be responsible especially when things do not go the right way. It is upon you as a leader to restructure a way out and make things better. People tend to believe those who are responsible enough to openly admit a defeat and work towards correcting their wrongs.

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Be Considerate

Whether you are dealing with performers or non performers, remember that they all human beings. You do not want to shred other people’s image in public or demean them in anyway. Respect gains respect back therefore be understanding to people. There is no greater mistake that can never be solved through dialogue. If people are not doing the right thing, consider privately discussing it with them. Protect other people’s image just as you would protect yours. Care Just a Little Bit More.

Inspire Greatness

A leader is a person who understands that success is a team work. Inspire people to be the best they can be and if possible, be more than they can be. This sometimes take a tweak in language on how you communicate with people. Let people know that they are appreciated as part of a team. Encourage, coach, teach and let people know that they can achieve anything they set their mind on. Remember to reward all including those who do not do great, they will feel appreciated.

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Be Humble

In my 3rd book coming out early next year, I discuss a lot what it means to be humble and the benefits of practising it. The world appreciates and crowns the humble. Be disciplined in everything you do and get rid of those characteristics that can paint you as an arrogant and a heartless leader.


© Joshua Okello 2015.


The Most Unique Leadership Book You Have to Read #Leadership #Success


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By Josh Okello

Natural Laws of Success is a group of set principles, philosophies, ethics and morals based on experimental observations and describe some aspects of success in relation to their causation. Natural Laws of Success is a book that weaves together the fabric of good philosophy, ethics and wisdom that can flourish any organization. It contains true and tested credo that are intelligently crafted to correct, teach, educate, empower, advice, encourage, challenge and boost morale of those who feel that they cannot get where their dreams can take them. Here are the unique reasons why this book is a must have:

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This New Book is on Discount for Only 3 Days Ending on Thursday 10th September 2015. Grab a copy now and get 30% discount. Every penny saved is a a penny earned.

Most Influential

This book comprises of summarized social media posts by Josh Okello that made him the most influential entrepreneur from North America on social media. It is a selection of his best inspiring, challenging, encouraging and comforting quotes that received global attention impacting hundreds of thousands every day. They are the most reacted on social media posts that are wisely calculated using social media algorithms, Google Statistics,  twitter analytics, Klout and LinkedIn Analytics.

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Process of Writing

 Natural Laws of Success was written on a smart phone, edited on a smart phone and published on a smart phone. It is the first book created on smartphone from scratch. The book was written in Toronto on a subway ride to-and-from work in about four months.


This master piece is a combination of leadership wisdom, ethics, philosophy, real life experience all simplified yet powerful credo that will propel you to be the greatest you can ever be.


The book is delivered in 3 Business days from the day of printing. You can get one here http://Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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6 Easy Steps to Becoming an Influencer #Leadership #Success


By Josh Okello

An inlfuencer is a person with a capacity and power to be a compelling force that results in a positive change in other people’s lives. A lot of people wish to change their status on social media from regular users to influencers. Good news is that it is possible. Bad news is that not so many people are dedicated to achieving this. So are you an influencer or the influenced?

Before I share with you how to become an influencer, let me show you the reasons and benefits of being an influencer;

  1. Respect

People will respect you more if you are a voice defending or fighting for a particular group of people. Sharing your ideas freely will create more opportunities for you to impact humanity and the entire world. But remember, respect is a two way traffic, you have to give it to get it back.

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  1. Clout

The more followers you have the more the interactions you get. Never just have followers have real people following you. I see a lot of people who buy social media following and do not care if they are counterfeit accounts or not. My question to them is, why even bother have fake masses following you if they do not interact with your content? The best those fake accounts can do to you is spam your inbox. Best of luck buying fake accounts!

You should also understand that there is a big difference between accounts with 1,500 followers from those with over 100,000 followers. People will pay more attention to those with mammoth following than those with a few hundred followers.

  1. Opinion head

People will crown you an influencer depending on the number of your followers and how they interact with your content. Pay more attention to that last sentence. Statistics never lie so be honest with your numbers. Interact with your followers and appreciate them every single day. They are the ones who make you the opinion head.

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Now this is how you can become an influencer:

Curve Your Own Niche

Ask yourself these questions: Who are your audience? What message do you target them with? What do you want them to gain from you not what do you want to gain from them? Why should they listen to you? Are you talking sense or nonsense? Can people learn from you?

Be Consistent

This is probably the most difficult part on your way to being an influencer. It is really hard to stay consistent in world where news come from side to side and we want to share them. We want to please people so much to appoint where we forget what is important and what is not. Pick one topic and share all the knowledge you have in that field. Do not share about love today, soccer tomorrow, the day after you share about health.  My blog and twitter is about leadership and entrepreneurship. All those tie together and no matter what else is happening in the world, I choose not to share them because my followers like consistency and they want to know that I value their time.

Build a Fan Base

There is no shortcut to building your fan base. It takes time, energy, compassion, dedication and love. If people are willing to follow you, please never waste their time. Let them get more of you beyond their satisfaction. Follow other people and people will follow you back.

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Create a Platform

Who are you going for and where are they? My platforms are; Twitter, LinkedIn and my blog that is it. Find a platform where you can meet people and people can meet you.

Create Free Stuff

If God has blessed you with wisdom, be ready to give it free of charge. There is a bible verse that says, blessed is the hand that giveth than the hand that taketh. Always remember that wisdom shared is a treasure saved.

On my platforms, I give free entrepreneurship coaching every Friday to first 5 people to sign up and we talk about starting and growing businesses. Give and it shall come back to you.

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Be Human

We are not perfect, we make mistakes, we socialize, we ask questions, we respond back, we say no, we accept criticisms, we improve. Be human, and avoid overly depending on robots. Look at it this way, your followers need you, they do not need a robot.

© Joshua Okello 2015.

The Post that Inspired Millions to Success #leadership #success


By Josh Okello.

Born in Kenya, Africa, a country that has widely been known as an island of peace. If you ever go to Kenya, try and take a safari in any of the national parks to see the beauty and grandeur of God’s work but mostly how wild animals co-exist. Amazing! That is the reason why I wrote this blog. This post is for those who feel like they cannot take another step. All their energy is gone and hope has lost its meaning to them.  Those whose walls are tumbling down and their last resort are more skewed towards loosing hope. Those who have given it all they can but the enemy (failure) is closing the gap faster than they can beat. Is this you? Is that all you got? Worried of when you can see the next beam of light? Is there such a thing as hope?

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Every animal in the wild understands that speed is the only thing that can keep them alive. No matter how desperate they are, how badly they are wounded by their prey, how weak they cannot go any more, how exhausted they are and how fatigued they are, their life depends solely on one thing; the next big leap they can take away from their enemy.

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That is the desperation that sets heroes from losers, the successful and unsuccessful, the mega achievers and non-mega achievers. The thirst for success!  A Victory that only goes to those who are desperate enough to try all it takes to be where their dreams wants them to be.

No matter what their body condition is like, no matter the negative criticisms they get, no matter the disappointments and pain they go through, their focus in only on one thing. And that is Success.

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Perseverance in pain is their only choice to greatness. They choose to ignore negativity and cloth themselves with positive mindset that whatever the world throws at them, they will fight back to shape their own destiny. So, are you in? Are you ready to take another leap to success in faith? Are you ready to act now?

© Joshua Okello 2015.

Successful Leaders Never Tolerate These 5 Traits #Success #Leadership


By Josh Okello

It would be fallacious to say that all entrepreneurs share a common DNA. However, most entrepreneurs will agree with me that their success came as a result of incessant practice of what could be termed as success rituals. These are the constant un-transformable believes and practices that guide one on a journey to mega achievements. Other entrepreneurs and leaders also have permanent don’ts that define their character. All entrepreneurs and leaders should have at least these 5 don’ts in their organization.


Regrets means that you are engaged to the past than you are to the present. Regrets can only ground you and keep your vision myopic blocking you from visualizing better opportunities ahead. Shake the past off but learn from history. It is also important to understand that the efforts that have brought you thus far are not the same as the ones you will apply to take you where your vision and dreams direct you.


I once heard of a common pun that goes; “an idle mind is a devils work shop.” there it is, you read it from the wise so do not be idle. Think of things that need to be changed. Do the work you have pending even if it means sweeping the office. Write a blog if you want to get your mind away from work. Build your social media platform. Never sit doing nothing unless it is your time to meditate.

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How is your work place looking? Take a minute and look around you? Do you have papers all over your desk? Coffee cups that needs to be thrown away or cleaned? Books that are not arranged, open envelops that litter your work space? Be organized. It is really hard to think wide and deep if your work place is in a mess. Instead of stressing about it, take initiative to clean it even if it means taking 30 minutes of your time every-day. Be neat, it rewards.

Settle for Less

Settling for less means that you under-value your efforts and that greatness is not quite what you want in life. You cannot build competency if all you do is mediocre. Mediocrity slowly builds to mega failure because it involves being satisfied with less.  In my second book “Natural Laws of Success” I said that “mediocre success means mediocre failure.”

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Impossibility is a sweet word to use before the onset of a task and often times great opportunities are the ones that are highly considered impossible. Try and do something even if it means not doing it well. There is a difference between being imperfect and mediocre achievement. If you are trying your best and giving it all yet the results are not to the expected par, which is understandable. One needs to try and find out why that is so and rectify it.

© Joshua Okello 2015.

Joshua Okello is a B.A graduate in Business Administration, International Development and Philosophy. He is also the author of the book Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership He has exceptional skills in organizing, coordinating projects and capacity building initiatives with key emphasis on livelihood programs; microfinance through savings and credit led models; business development services and entrepreneurial leadership. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Succeed Africa Relief Organization, a Canadian Christian Organization geared towards giving hope and transformation in lives of the chronically poor in Africa.

Stop Believing these Entrepreneurship Myths #Success #Leadership


By Josh Okello

 I want to be successful. I have a dream. I am a hard worker. I go to bed late and wake up early. Donald Trump did it so I can. Elon Musk did it and I can do it too. Richard Branson did it and I am on my way to make it too. Kevin O’Leary, Oracle of Omaha, Bill Gates and the list goes on and on. What people fail to think about is that all these people are very unique, are in very different businesses, have different personality and get excited by different things.  Your definition of success is not how those entrepreneurs above define it. You are yourself and they are who they are.

These are some of the myths that most entrepreneurs today believe:

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All Entrepreneurs Share a Common DNA

Yes we all know that all entrepreneurs are hard workers, and can push an idea until they become successful. But is that enough to generalize a theory that all entrepreneurs share a common DNA? That is farfetched belief. This is a fallacy of generalization and is hurting more people in entrepreneurship. We are all unique and different in our own way so we should first learn about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses and appreciate them before we see ourselves as other people. Be the best you can be but never say that because X did it, I can do it better than them or just as them.

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Put Customers First

A lot of businesses are built around customers’ preferences and choices but this is very wrong. Build a product around yourself. Be your first customer of the product you make then think of other people. If you were to buy your product as a customer on the store shelves, how would you feel? Would you feel like the value per dollar you spend on the product is worth it? Do you have an honest product? What will make you not buy the product? Can you buy the product at the price tag shown? Think about yourself before you think about other customers. If you endorse your product then people will endorse it too.

Entrepreneurship is the Gateway to Freedom

If you cannot work 9:00am-5:00pm then do not try to start your own business. You will be the portfolio manager, the sales guy, the janitor, accountant, manager, assembly man, quality controller etc. With all those hats won by just one person, you will need more than 24 hours in a day which sadly you cannot have. And remember, successful business comes from a successful family so put your family first. Starting your own business is a pain guaranteed and sometimes pleasure might show up later.

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Write a Killer Business Plan

If you have an idea, then start it. A business plan will come when you are looking for funding not now. A lot of people lay more emphasis on the business plan to appoint where they get bogged out by the whole business idea because the plan starts to become an uphill task after sometime. If you think of a viable and sustainable idea, go for it then perfect it on the way. I have personally been discouraged by a business idea I came up with after taking a whole month researching and writing a business.  Just do it, the rest will follow.

I would like to hear your opinion on these ideas, what you think, what has worked for you and what has not worked. If you would like to get more of my works, then consider getting this book Strategies of Entrepreneurial Business.

Free Entrepreneurship Coaching for Only 5 People. Book Now! #Success #Leadership


By Josh Okello

On June 4th 2015, I blogged on Starting a Successful Business from Scratch and the number of visits on that post caught my attention. Over twenty five people have also directly messaged me asking me how to start a business successfully mostly on twitter and through my direct email and website subscription. For this reason, I have put together an entrepreneurship coaching session to those who would like to start a business and or grow their businesses after a plateau. The great news is, you got everything you need to start a successful business and my role be to motivate you and help you generate new ideas that could propel your business as well as your personal life.

Why You Need to Consider this Opportunity


One of the experiences I am bringing on the table is failure. A lot of people do not like to freely talk about their failures but we are human beings and not all that we do are successful. We learn more when we fail than when we succeed. Let my failures be wisdom to you on how to be successful in life and in business.


My academic background is in Business Administration, International Development and Philosophy. I have also written three books on entrepreneurship of which two are coming out this year. My first book can be found here Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership . With a goal of weaving together the fabrics of philosophy, business and development, I have gained more experience through writing, meditations, meetings, networking and the results are all in my three books.


I have started over 7 businesses, sold 1, currently running one and the rest have failed. I understand the ups and downs of starting a business and those are the same things that I write about. My failures, successes and the paths that led me to those results.

No Fee

Make use of your first 1 hour free of charge to check if this Bootstrapping program is fit for you. Ask yourself this: what if the world was only waiting for your idea to be better? Join us starting this Friday and claim your free one hour session with me. You can book your appointment through this email: or through twitter @joshokello.  I only have a spot for 5 people. I wish I could take more and sorry if you will not make it. Best of luck entrepreneurs.

If you will not make it in our top five list, please feel free to send me your questions on Leadership and Entrepreneurship and I will be happy to help you where I can.

These 5 Attributes Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur #Success #Leadership

Five Under-the-Radar Attributes to Cultivate that Will Make You a Better Person – and a Better Entrepreneur

All entrepreneurs have some core personality traits in common.  In my experience, the one tried and true attribute that every single one of us has in common is that we’re weird.  We think differently than the vast majority of the population.  We’re commonly long rangers when it comes to our thoughts and opinions of things, and we like it that way.  No—ok, we love it that way. 

Putting those core attributes aside, though, we are all still quite unique.  We are individuals, with different experiences that shape our worldviews, different passions that make us tick, and vastly different personalities that shape our reputations.  In other words, we are all, somehow, human (imagine that).

Most of us, somewhere along our journey that saw us diverge from mainstream thought, found out that the vast majority of traits we thought were innate parts of the psyche were actually skills and abilities we could cultivate.  Books have been written on developing charisma, shedding anxiety, and even becoming a person of character.  We know we can become whatever we want.

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In that vein, let’s talk about five things we can become to not only become better entrepreneurs, but also better people.


It’s obvious that we don’t have the ability to truly know the struggles people have endured.  But it’s important to try.  And in that trying, we become compassionate.  Somewhere along the way, someone (or, more likely everyone) on your team will make a mistake.  Some of them may be costly mistakes.  Before reacting to their mistake, take a moment to think about their situation.  What caused it?  Are they going through something difficult?  Are they simply overworked?  Take a moment to see them as a person—with a family, goals, and dreams.  It’s much more difficult to berate someone when you’re looking at them as a man or a woman—a human being—rather than an employee.

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This one may seem obvious at first blush.  It’s well documented that great managers are great delegators.  But it needs to go beyond giving Jane task A and John task B.  To have engaged employees, you must engage them.  It’s your business.  The people you hire must know that you have full confidence in their abilities, not only with their technical skills, but also with making decisions related to those skills and their functions.  If you can’t trust your employees enough to empower them in this way, you’ve got the wrong person.


All of us, in both business and life, have tons of responsibilities.  And we’ve got to process all of it.  Our brains are incredibly powerful, but they can only take so much before our efficiency begins to decline.  Our brains are simply making too much noise.  New clients, old clients, investors, employees, processes, automation, payroll, children, dinner, date night, dry cleaning, deck repair, taxes, and the list goes on forever.  Our brains store all of that, and at any moment, thoughts pertaining to any and all of these things pop into our heads.  Taking twenty minutes every morning, and then sporadically throughout the day, to stop and quiet our minds is essential to our efficiency and effectiveness.  Uncluttering our mind will do the same to our agendas, and allow us to concentrate on our top priorities.

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 Once we have turned the volume down on our inner dialogue, and had a few moments of quiet presence, it’s good to examine our recent past and reflect.  What did we do right?  What are our biggest concerns about how things unfolded?  What could we do better next time?  This goes beyond having a negative experience and saying “Whoops!  Won’t do that again!”  In those situations, we attach ourselves to the negative emotion we felt as a result of the outcome of our action.  However, if we take a moment, by ourselves, and reflect on the entire process that led to the outcome, we can see where we faltered, and adjust moving forward.


 I’ve never met a single person who gets more out of reprimand than out of praise.  Obviously there are times when difficult conversations need to be heard.  But we do ourselves a disservice by neglecting the times when we could be commending the people in our lives for being so amazing at what they do and who they are.

All of these traits have something in common—they all have people at their center.  Whether it’s your family, employees, or yourself, people are by far our most important assets.  So see them for who they are and what they can do.  And do everything you can do keep them motivated, engaged, and above all else, happy.

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