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By Josh Okello

We all have thought of being the greatest we can ever be. We have dreamt of leaping to the next socio-economic class or getting to the top echelons list of our societies. On our way to greatness, we meet challenges that ground us, making us reel on our knees in desperation. Our intent is what can make the dreams come true. Are you driven by good intentions? And are you really intending to be the greatest you can ever be?

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Intentions and wishes

When your intentions over shadow your wishes, then you can go an extra mile to implement the process to greatness. “Wish” is a lousy word. It means you are thinking about good intentions but too reluctant to act. It is very easy to be trapped in wishes.

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Intentions and Actions

We all know that smart and hard work results to success however, some people know what it takes to be great but fail to act with good intentions. I used to work in a big grocery store before I started my business and nearly all the people who were not managers did not have the intentions of Succeeding with the store. One employee once told me a phrase that struck me the most; “minimum work for minimum wage. Catchy!” He said. How damaging can this be? Is this an attitude to build one to success? The fact that we are acting irresponsibly can only damage us.

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These are the kind of intentions that can never lead to success. What if the business closes? Then we are rendered jobless. We need to do all things with intentions to be successful. Martin Luther King once said, “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

Reversed Golden Rule

Do unto others only those things you would do unto yourself.

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Do these 3 Things & You Will be a Big Thinker


Think Big

By Josh Okello

You might be reading this because you are either;  in business and you are stuck in a vicious circle with less growth or no growth at all. Or even your family in deep financial crisis. Or because you simply want to grow and become a better person in life or even get to another level of your career.  Whatever the reason why you clicked this link, know that there is always a room for improvement. Ask yourself this, what is it that I want to think big about? And what is it that I want to change with my big thoughts? Write your answers down and I say I again, write them down then do these three things.

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Create a Norm

You already know that you are not in the game alone. You have competitors, others prefer to call them enemies but I prefer to call them points of strength. Your competitors do things their way but what exactly is your way? How do you run your operations, in other words what is your modus operandi?  Once you build a norm then you will figure out what works and what does not by engaging with the results.

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Have Matrix

What is your matrix of life and how do you manipulate it according to your particular rules? This is the part where you need to add numbers to your thinking. I know we are all not wired numerically but backing up your performance with figures will boost your thinking especially in terms of growth. If you want to think big in terms of finances, how about doing a simple budget with your small amount of income you have? If it is on serving then how about budgeting with your time, plotting where you want to be at what time?

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Be Ready to Serve

Sometimes we know how greatly blessed we are by serving the least in our communities. It is good to always think of those things we do not have but then it only makes us forget about the big things we already have. Giving out your time to serve with the needy or the less fortunate can be an eye opener towards a big dream. Ever thought of solving a major problem like homelessness? That can only come true if you know that there are homeless people out there and that there is a need to be met.

So to think big, make sure you create a norm or a modus operandi, have a matrix and a rule on how to plot your figures and be ready to serve.

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These 3 Paragraphs Will Reveal to You How Great You Are #Success #Leadership


By Josh Okello

We are not here for mediocrity; we are here to take over. To be the greatest we can ever be, to push the boundaries that have never been pushed. To imagine the impossible and to implement the undoable. That is the spirit of a fighter. For how can we come this far to lose? Are we children of a lesser God?

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Just as they think you have given it all, that is when you give it even more. We are the heroes, the champions that deleted the word “defeat” in the dictionary. We are not ready to let circumstances push us into defence. We are the attackers, the methodical offence players who are not ready to yield to any negative thoughts.

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Instead of paying attention to our snooze button every day, we listen to our conscious minds telling us that greatness comes at a cost. It is a pain, a sacrifice and that heroes are built for tough times. Do you think you are out of gas? Too weak to stand? Or even defend yourself? Remember! The greatest are made for moments like that. You are a hero, aren’t you? Did you come this far to lose? Fight On!

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4 Ways to Become the Best You Can Ever Be #Leadership #Success

View Yourself

By Josh Okello

Back when I was a child, my parents used to ask me what I wanted to be. Of cause my answers changed over time and the older I grew the more I clarified what I wanted to be. Are you still struggling to achieve your dreams? Are you held up in an unproductive cocoon? And how do you burst that burble? Do you get trepidant when you think of who you want to be? How about knowing the way? Do you often express strong aversion to personal servile procrastination out of habitual imprecision? Get a tentative solution to the challenges above using the following significant points:

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There is a difference between having a vision and being clear in that vision. Clarity will help you communicate with people on your way to attaining your dreams. Clear communication and clear vision simplifies the odious task that lies in front of you as you work on becoming who you want to be. If you are clear on your vision and values, you will be clear on how to get there.  Plan ahead sometimes even as far as a decade and walk your way back.

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Set Objectives

Forget goals and work with objectives. What are objectives? Objectives are specific results that a person or a system wants to attain at a specific period of time. Goals are useless but if you tie them to a given period of time then they become things you must work on. That is when they change to objectives. Time is of essence and you must relate all you do to how long it takes to accomplish otherwise it becomes a chance if a task is done.

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Form a Personal SI Unit

An SI Unit is a Système International d’Unités, (French) or International System of Units (English). This would be a personal form of metric system that is coherent to your success. How do you measure success or achievement? Is it by the whole project? Or it is the total amount of work done per hour? Whatever is that you are using, try and incorporate the effect of time in it.

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Develop Success Habits

What are some of your habitual practices that draw you closer to your dream than ever? These habits need to be cultivated in our day to day life. They need to define us and they can extend to practices such as  planning, persistence, determination, hard work, improvement, clarity, setting daily objectives etc. The end goal is to be the best you can ever be therefore start today and record your achievement using your standard metric of success.

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5 Reasons You Are Stuck on Your Way to Greatness #Success #Leadership


By Josh Okello

After starting and closing a number of businesses, I sat back and reflected why my big ideas shrink within a few months if not years. You probably have come up with transformative ideas that you are either too reluctant to implement at the onset or they become a daunting task making you opt out of them in the middle of the race. This is how you can stay on track building a mega successful business hence becoming the greatest. Crave for Success!

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Understanding Yourself

We only have two school of thoughts, the implementers and the vision casters. Very few people fall in both categories but mostly we are either one or the other. Personally I am a visionary entrepreneur but vision alone cannot take me anywhere. I need implementers to kick start my ideas. Figure out who you are and find the right partner to start a business with.

Learn from the Great

Learn from the great and become the greatest! It never stops at learning. This is a classical modus operandi that has guided so many people who we can call the great today. Find role models and borrow ideas from them. After gaining the wisdom from the wise, do more than they did and you are guaranteed to attain mega success.

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Choose Your Competitor 

The first competitor you need to add on your list and to monitor keenly is who you were yesterday. Are you doing more than you did yesterday? Are you spending your time doing productive work than you did yesterday? Are you helping someone grow today? Are you building a plan to greatness today? Compete with yourself, look at other product/service competitors as a motivation to be the greatest you can ever be. To be the greatest, you must be ready to run with the great and that is how you can be crowned. Be on the offense, attack methodically but remember to always compete with yourself.

Get Fired Up!

Build contentment around everything you do and have some passion in them. It is true that there come a time when you will be losing more than you win but be guided by your strong will to do whatever it takes to reach your goal. View yourself as the greatest winner of all the times and you will persevere enough to get to greatness.

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 Remember these words, “Making your mark on the world is hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. But it’s not. It takes patience, it takes commitment, and it comes with plenty of failure along the way. The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won’t. It’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere.” – Barack Obama

 Grow People

Remember that you are dealing with people, your employees, your customers, your board members, your team, your competitors, they all deserve your respect. Help them get where they want to be. Inspire them, encourage them, reward them and teach them. Grow people and they will grow you back.

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Powerful Quotes every Leader Needs to Live By #Success #Leadership

  1. Study the great, and become the GREATEST. Let nothing stop you on your way to success
  2. Great leaders are those who accompany their dreams with works therefore try and act this week
  3. Challenges are there to build the character of a true leader
  4. Those who dare to do the impossible are the ones who actually become the greatest.
  5. We can produce more wealth but we cannot produce more time therefore be a good steward of your time
  6. Leadership is about being of service to others therefore Lead with integrity.
  7. We all have the potential to make a comeback so always try to make a comeback after a fall.
  8. Victory, Eminence & Success cannot be attained without Loss, Stagnation, Defeat, Dishonor & Failure
  9. Leaders are those who never just work hard, they work with a purpose.
  10. Those who sacrifice to look like fools in pursuit of what their heart desires are the ones who become successful
  11. The only way to transform our future is by making courageous steps today
  12. We are the pieces of the puzzle in this world, all we have to do is merge with the right people
  13. Greatness comes when you understand that pain & suffering are momentarily. Keep pushing.
  14. The only way to get is by giving away. Give and it will be given back to you.

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Never Wait any More, Change Your Life Today #Leadership #Success#

Business Concepts

By Josh Okello

Some of the common questions I get online include: How do you start a business? How do you grow one? How do one become influential? How do you grow your social media? How do I sell my products? How do I innovate? How do I become creative? How do I become wealthy? How do I build a stable finance? Have you asked yourself any of these questions? And have you wanted help without knowing where to get it from? I am now taking one person per day who is committed enough to transform his or her life and we will walk through how to build a brand that lasts by answering the questions above.

If you are in social media, you most definitely have received direct messages telling you how someone received 10,000 followers per day. What I always do is check their profile and 90% of people who send such messages have less than 500 followers. It makes me wonder if I am terrible at basic arithmetic or we are foolish enough to not use our logic to know what is right and wrong.

I am not promising you any numbers that I do not have. I have over 100,000 followers that are organically built and that is what I can share with you. I cannot promise you a way of reaching a million followers yet I am not there yet. Are you interested in building your social media following and turning your followers to customers? Then come let us reason together.

Book appointment with me today by directly messaging me on twitter or through my website contact form and I will be glad to listen to your request and plan an hour that best works for you. I will be sharing how I change my follower to customers, how I sell my books online, and how you can start a brand that grows. Do you want to change your life? Do you want to grow and make yourself better? Sign up and share with us your dream and we will figure out a way out together.

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