60 Inspiring Quotes by Joshua Okello

Are you feeling discouraged or inspired? successful or failures? What if somebody told you that you were designed and destined to succeed? These 60 quotes by Joshua Okello will make you think differently about yourself and push you towards doing more than you can imagine:

  1. Change just never happens until we act
  2. Your efforts to change a life might be a beacon of hope to others
  3. No money or power earned will ever fulfill you emotionally as the ability to help those less fortunate than you
  4. You can’t simply buy a good reputation. It can only be earned by honoring your promises.
  5. Finding strength in your failures is one way of being successful
  6. The mind grows only through use, and it atrophies through idleness
  7. Great entrepreneurs are those who keep hope alive even when nobody is supporting life
  8. To have faith means to proceed without plan B.
  9. Planning is the key to success. Plan and again I say Plan
  10. A leader without a plan is like a magnet without poles
  11. When you don`t get a miracle, be the miracle to someone else! Spread
  12. I am humbled by God’s grace in my life. Give thanks in all conditions
  13. Never sit around failing to try, go out there, try to fail, challenge yourself, learn new things and fail as fast as possible
  14. The importance of having faith a long side our business plan is because it helps us overcome the hurdles of failures.
  15. We are reluctant to adventure because of fear of failure yet we forget that some wish for opportunities to adventure even if they are going fail.
  16. For sustainable development to function in developing countries, change should not be bigger and complex than they can handle.
  17. Infinity should be your limit. Get repeated failures and repeated success.
  18. Great leaders never make big and drastic changes, they keep them super simple.
  19. Some things cannot be taught in entrepreneurship, they must be practiced and they are; risk prone, tenacity and persistence.
  20. Nothing is as important as encouraging future leaders today.
  21. Leadership is about dealing with people, treating them equal and building them. Your followers define you.
  22. Organization success heavily depends on its leadership
  23. It is my leadership imperfection that makes me strive towards building a better team
  24. In leadership, you just never wish. You have to act on your wishes.
  25. In entrepreneurship, know that some offers are not worth taking.
  26. Stop learning and jump on the implementation train
  27. As a leader, knowing is not enough, apply what you know.
  28. Success is not attained by waiting, get going!
  29. The only fight you will ever lose is the one you abandon. Never, ever give up.
  30. Virtue is not given by money but can create money. Be good to all
  31. If you keep waiting for great ideas to arrive, they may never arrive. Be active in finding them and they’ll come to you
  32. There is no higher honor we can ask for than being servants of the Gods people
  33. Change just never happens until you act
  34. Your efforts to change a life might be remembered forever.
  35. No money or power earned will ever fulfill u emotionally as the ability to help those less fortunate than you
  36. Reputations are earned by honoring promises.
  37. Finding strengths in your failures is one way of becoming successful.
  38. Failure is part of the success equation.
  39. Remember to put a smile on at least one persons face everyday/.
  40. The mind grows only through use, and it atrophies through idleness.
  41. Great entrepreneurs keep hope alive even when nobody is supporting them
  42. If the world does not understand you, pray that they will but better off if you can offer them something better to make them understand you.
  43. What are you living for? Change lives through your actions and words.
  44. To make a difference in one’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care.
  45. Only if everybody was fired up to positively impact humanity for the best.
  46. To have faith is to proceed without plan B.
  47. Planning is the key to success. Plan and again I say plan.
  48. You are going nowhere as a leader without a plan
  49. Leadership of any kind needs guts.
  50. When you don`t get a miracle, be the miracle to someone else!
  51. I am humbled with God’s love in my life. Give thanks in all situations
  52. Never sit around failing to try, go out there, try to fail, challenge yourself, learn new things and fail as fast as possible
  53. I believe that I am the best the world has ever given.
  54. How about writing a book on your failures? Cannot fill a book? Then you have not tried that much.
  55. In game of cards never hold your cards too tight, get rid of the ones you do not need.
  56. Network for personal growth and create more opportunities in your career.
  57. procrastination is the mother of failure
  58. Leadership is like a game of cards, get rid of the cards you do not need.
  59. I have fail so many times, academically, as a leader, as an entrepreneur & that is why I am propelled to succeed.
  60. It is a waste of time waiting for work to get easier, instead, get stronger


Joshua Okello is a B.A graduate in Business Administration, International Development and Philosophy. He is also the author of the book Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership He has exceptional skills in organizing, coordinating projects and capacity building initiatives with key emphasis on livelihood programs; microfinance through savings and credit led models; business development services and entrepreneurial leadership. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Succeed Africa Relief Organization, a Canadian Christian Organization geared towards giving hope and transformation in lives of the chronically poor in Africa.

The Business Falcons


By Okello Okello

Falcons are a species of birds commonly referred to as Hawks. Hawks are characterized by sharp talons, large, curved bill and muscular legs. They use their sharp bill to bite and tear the pray and this makes them the best hunting birds ever known. Most entrepreneurs involuntarily act like falcons hence the title “Business Falcons.” So in what ways are entrepreneurs like falcons?

1. Vision.

Falcons have excellent eye sight, they can see up to 8 times further than human eyes sight. This helps with accuracy when sporting a pray. They can identify the difference between a rock and a mouse when they are over 100 feet in the sky. Visionary leaders also see opportunities that lie miles away from them. That is what drives them to take an action to either bring change or start something new. As an entrepreneur, always know what you are going for. Never pick stones when there is bread to go for. Be a falcon and reach for the best by zooming in and out your target pray.

2. Spot Different Colors.

Falcons have the ability to spot different colors. This is to give them a precise judgement and accuracy when identifying the pray. For right judgement of colors, hawks must then have an apriori information on different colors of pray they are going for. The ability to distinguish what an entrepreneur sees as a potential investment is a critical feature that all business leaders should have at all times. Entrepreneurs do not just see opportunities, they see opportunities that can benefit them. Like hawks, business leaders should be in a position to tell where there is a greater potential of returns on all their investment. Always go for colorful and lively places where you can get better profits and therefore strategize before you take a leap.

3. Swiftness

After a hawk has calculated the distance and time it takes to catch the pray, they can travel at a speed of 150 miles per hour through the air to their target. This swiftness reduces reaction time of the pray and creates a shocking impact when they land making their pray dazed and confused. Once a business leader has seen an opportunity, it is upon them to act swiftly and take advantage of it before anybody else find it. This is not to say that they should not allow competition, what I mean is once you have your competitive edge then always develop it to be ahead of everybody. Act swiftly and keep your rivals a daze at all times.

4. Be a Diurnal Leader.

Falcons are always proactive during day time. Even though most entrepreneurs work late, it is advisable to work during day time and have enough rest during night time. It is healthy and makes your brain work better and smarter. Avoid long nights as they reduce your productivity. So stop filling that coffee cup late in the evening and have a restful evening. Catch up with family and friends, relax and take notes.

5. Be opportunistic Feeder.

What this means is that falcons can feed on anything they come across, from frogs, squirrels, insects to rats. They try to expand their tastes on what they feed on. Entrepreneurs should also not narrow their views to only one line of product or service. Be adventurous, try new things. Mostly the first ideas never work and that is why it is good to try more than one idea. statistically, increasing your idea samples expands your probability of nailing the only one that will work.  Come with ideas after the other and keep improving them until you get the one that works.

As an entrepreneur and a Not-for-Profit Organization director, I have tried more than 8 businesses from farming to music production, and only three of those that I started have worked. I am still hopeful and adventurous and work like a business falcon. If one never works, then I am certain that there is one out there that will work. If you are a start up, then my advise at this stage is to use as less capital as possible because you are still on trial and error stage. You do not want to lose a lot on your first attempts unless you are certain that you are going to gain it back.

Always remember to play like a falcon.

Please if you found this blog helpful, share it on your social media, follow, favorite and let other people learn from it too. That is the spirit of entrepreneurship. We are here to support each other. No one knows everything that is why we share, exchange and learn from one another. God bless you.