How to Overcome Road Blocks #Success #leadership

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By Josh Okello

In everything you do, you must meet at least one bigger challenge than you ever faced before. These are road blocks that seem impassable and any idea of going through or past it can be more damaging. If you are a student, you have written an exam that you are totally not prepared for. If you are an entrepreneur, you have met a dilemma where the safest ground to stand on is to dissolve your business. But hold, did we come this far to loose? Or can we push ourselves just a little bit more to roll the tomb stone away? And how do we do it?

There is a common say that goes “where there is a will there is a way.” You have come to far to loose, and always remember that challenges are there to filter away heroes from failures. Where failures opt for comfort, heroes take the beating with a hope that it will be over. To heroes, there is no pain sharp enough to distract them from their dreams. No mountain tall enough not to climb, nor a pill too bitter to swallow. Here are the easy but tough disciplines you have to equip yourself with to overcome all the success roadblocks.

Avoid Regrets

Regrets are a waste of time. A strategy is either right or wrong. If it is right, thank God and move on doing what you do best. If it goes wrong, cry, morn, get mad, angry and learn to move on. Never stick to the past for too long. Those who let their past cloud their future never live to see the bright side of life. Life is too stressful to live in regrets. Make mistakes and learn from them and move on.

Associate With the Happy

Leadership of any kind can be hectic, sad and frustrating. So why associate with the hopeless? Go out there and meet happy people. Laugh your failures out and go back to work fresh and ready to enjoy the challenges. It is not as easy at it sounds especially if you do not know how to appreciate the gift you have called life. Just remember this statement “Hakuna Matata” from the Lion King Movie. Get it from me because I speak Swahili and as it says in the movie, it translates to “it means no worries.” So why worry?

Be Optimistic

Now you have hit the bedrock. So what? does that mean the end of life? Is there any other thing you can do? Just don’t sit and wait for angels from heaven to send milk and honey to you. Keep on trying. Guess what? Pluto was once a planet, got kicked out as one of the solar system planets and it just made a major come back after satellite dubbed “New Horizon” flew past it in the month of July 2015. There will always be a second chance but that does not mean that you waste the special first chance you get. Be hopeful and make a way out. Think of alternatives but never think of plan B’s before you even implement plan A.  Be hopeful and try.

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