The Art of Delegation


By Joshua M. Okello

The art of delegation is something that every leader and entrepreneur needs to master. It might sound easy but it is too complex than it sounds. Delegation is the art of spreading mundane tasks to people who can do them cheaply, effectively and skillfully than the master can. It needs a lot of planning because delegation can either lead to your great breakthrough or great failure.

In my definition, I described delegation as an “art” that needs creativity, patience and skills. To paint a beautiful picture, you need the right brush, paint and skills and so is delegation to success. For one to be great in delegating tasks, it is important to understand that:

You Don’t Know

Socrates, believed that he was the wisest among all the wise men because he knew that he did not know. To know that you know not makes you recognize that there are greater minds out there than you and if you tap into those skills, you can transform your efforts into mega success.

In my organization succeed Africa and on my personal platform and website, I use a lot external ideas to help me build a satisfying product to my customers. It does not make sense for me to spend an entire week designing a personal website if there are skilled people who can do it in a day or two.

Delegation Leads to Mega Success

If you have five tasks that needs to be done, delegating three of them and having two that are very important, and that you can do very well reduces your time, resources and overhead it takes to get all the work done. Every leader and entrepreneur should learn how to maximize the utility of all the resources they have.

Time Waits for No Man

In my past literatures, I have mentioned so many times that the underutilized and most abused resource we have is time. How you use your time determines the rate of returns you are going to get per output effort. The best way to wisely utilize your time is widely talked on my first book Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership and can be found on this link:

Outsourcing Can Save You a Fortune

This is something I have widely used and will continue to use. The best way to appreciate globalization is to delegate your mundane tasks to people who can leverage the work for you at a better rate. Most of the people who out source for me I am connected with through social media. Out sourcing has made me find obedient and honest team to work with online. It is important for me to say that when you decide to go with outsourcing, please never exploit your team by paying them unworthy wages. Be kind and know that you are dealing with people with needs. After all what does it benefit us to gain the whole world with terrible reputation? Outsource with dignity.

Manage Wisely

Some people like to micro-manage, I don’t. Anytime I am micro-managing a team of over 10 people, I am wasting important time that I can invest in developing the business more. When hiring an employee to take over other duties from you, hire the best and let them have fun with everything they do. However it is not wrong to send a quick email or a brief phone call asking how they are doing, if they are meeting any challenges and how you can be of help.

© Joshua Okello 2015.

Joshua Okello is a B.A graduate in Business Administration, International Development and Philosophy. He is also the author of the book Strategies of Entrepreneurial Leadership He has exceptional skills in organizing, coordinating projects and capacity building initiatives with key emphasis on livelihood programs; microfinance through savings and credit led models; business development services and entrepreneurial leadership. He is also the founder and Executive Director of Succeed Africa Relief Organization, a Canadian Christian Organization geared towards giving hope and transformation in lives of the chronically poor in Africa.


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