The “DON’TS” endorsed by All Entrepreneurs & Leaders #Leadership #Success

By Josh Okello
It would be fallacious to say that all entrepreneurs share a common DNA. However, most entrepreneurs will agree with you that their success came as a result of incessant practice of what could be termed as success rituals. These are the constant intransformable beliefs and practices that guide one on a journey to mega achievements. Other entrepreneurs and leaders also have permanent don’ts that define their character. All entrepreneurs and leader should have at least these 5 “don’ts” in their organization.
Regrets mean that you are more engaged to the past than the present or future. Regrets can only ground you and keep your vision myopic blocking you from visualizing better opportunities ahead. Shake the past off but learn from history. It is also important to understand that the efforts that have brought you thus far are not the same as the ones you will apply to take you where your vision and dreams direct you.
I once heard of a common pun that goes; “an idle mind is a devils work shop.” there it is, you heard it from the wise so do not be idle. Think of things that needs to be changed. Do the work you have pending even if it means sweeping the office. Write a blog if you want to get your mind away from work. Build your social media platform. Never sit doing nothing unless it is your time to meditate.
How is your work place looking? Take a minute and look around you? Do you have papers all over your desk? Coffee cups that needs to be thrown away or cleaned? Books that are not arranged? Open envelops that litter your work space? Be organized. It is really hard to think wide and deep if your work place is in a mess. Instead of stressing about it? Take the initiative of cleaning your work place even if it is only 5 minutes of your time everyday. Be neat, it rewards.
Settle for Less
Settling for less means that you under-value your efforts and that greatness is not quite what you want in life. You cannot build competency if all you do is mediocre. Mediocrity slowly build to mega failure because it involves being satisfied with less.
Impossibility is a sweet word used before a task is started and often times great opportunities are the ones that are highly considered impossible. Try doing something even if the outcome is imperfect. There is a difference between being imperfect and mediocrity. If you are trying your best and giving it all yet the results are not to the expected par, that is understandable. One needs to try and find out why that is so and rectify it. To say that something is impossible is to get into an action with a cold feet. Never believe in negativity. Keep giving it your best.


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