This is How I Made 2015 A successful Year #leadership #success #entrepreneurship


By Josh Okello

In this post, I am going to share with you what motivates me to write or how I source my writing inspirations. Writing is one of the ways that I use to elevate myself into a cathartic experience. It takes me out of this world and connects me with the world unseen. It makes me develop ideas that have never been developed, dreams that have never been dreamt, visions that have never been visible and thoughts that have never been explained. So how do I do it? The following points elaborate in details how I got hooked to the world of writing.

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Coin a Motto

We can only act if we are compelled enough to go beyond our comfort zones. We have to be ready to work beyond average to make our dreams come true. To do this we need a motto or a compelling reason, a driving force to keep us enthused. I have the same motto on my desk, on my computer log in screen, on my phone wall paper and on my note book cover page. The moto is in Latin and it is; “docendo disco, scribendo cogito” which translates to “I learn by teaching, think by writing.” Build your own motto and pledge allegiance to it.

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Utilize Technology

We are living in an era where writing has been made so easy and if you do not like typing, there are free software out there that you can use to record your ideas and transcribe them in a document. How easy can it get? (You can try e-speaking, dragon or windows speech recognition softwares) I have written three books, two published and the third one is on its way launching early next year as I work on the fourth one which is halfway done. All my four books were written on a smartphone. Find a gadget that you can learn how to type on quickly and master its use. In my case, it is a BlackBerry phone because of how its typing keyboard is set. I can type on that phone at the same speed at which I think my ideas. Know what works for you and master it to the best of your knowledge.

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Find an Environment

I have talked with writers who can only develop new ideas when they are in a candle lit and very quiet room at a given time of the day. That is what works for them but what works for you? In my case, I have to be in motion to be able to generate new ideas. All my four books were written while riding a subway to and from my office. I spend two hours on the subway every day for 5 days meaning that in a whole week, I spend ten good hours on a subway ride. Why not use those to teach myself something about myself that I did not know?

Time Management

As a self-employed entrepreneur, time management is critical to my success. If I am not writing then I am at work and if I am not working, I am reading/learning and if I am not doing any of those, I am with my family and or friends. An example I have given above captures where most of us lose hours and lost hours can never be recovered.  Find an area in your life where you lose one hour a day and try to utilize that hour to learn or do something new five times a week. You will be shocked at how much you learn and how much you teach the world.

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You can have a group of friends to hold you accountable for your success in writing. In my case, I have over 105,000 followers on twitter, and these are people who actively engage with my content every single day. That is my source of accountability pushing me to post at least a blog a day. You can have family, friends, your social media tribe or any other ways you can think of to hold you responsible over your credo you set.


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